Vote for Refresca Sao Paulo!

Register and vote to help us implement our Refresca São Paulo pilot project aimed to help improve water security in high density urban settlements in São Paulo.

Refresca São Paulo has been selected as one of the Best Climate Practices 2015, and is amongst the top three Brazilian-based projects qualified for this competition by the International Center for Climate Governance (ICC). With your vote our climate adaptation pilot can receive 10,000 euros to be 100% invested in infrastructure and capacity building for rain harvesting of more than 30 families in the Taipas and Paraisópolis slums. Help us move forward in adapting slums against climatic risks related to extreme heat and lack of water by sourcing simple, measurable and affordable measures for water harvesting.

CAJU Initiative© is an award winning global reunion of young experts advocating for urban resilience with communities.

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